First time to be a Test Coordinator

  • Click here for registration. A confirmation letter will be sent to you automatically. Your request shall be pending for approval by the administrator.
  • Upon approval (within 3 days), an email will be sent to you to confirm your authority to be a test coordinator.

Organize a Test

  • Click here or login to create a test event.
  • After editing the test information, a confirmation letter will be sent to you automatically along with a 4-digit passcode.
  • Please DO NOT spread the passcode until the on-site test, as it is for secure login at the beginning of the on-site test.
  • Assign a supervisor (professor or TA recommended) to audit the test.

During the on-site test

  • Announce the 4-digit passcode just before the on-site test for secure login.
  • Ask the supervisor to follow the on-site testing rules.

For more information, please contact: